The Lights Add Style to The Ford Taurus

Taurus is a name that people have come to trust over the years. This large sedan has a track record of reliability. Lawley’s Team Ford in Silver City, NM is the home of the Ford Taurus, and it is the place to see all of the design features that make the Ford Taurus such a great vehicle to drive.

The front headlamps on the Ford Taurus are both eye-catching and practical. The Taurus features high-intensity discharge lighting. This provides superior illumination. The front lights are designed to come on automatically in low-light situations or when you turn on the windshield wipers.

The taillights of the Ford Taurus make it quite stylish. The Taurus features LED taillights. These taillights are designed to be brighter than the lights found in many vehicles. This allows the Ford Taurus to be clearly visible in dark conditions. The LED lights also consume less energy, and they last for a long period of time.

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