New Ford Mustang Upgrades Enhance Driving Experience

Ford has announced some exciting new upgrades to its Mustang and is generating quite the buzz from drivers who appreciate a fun driving experience. It now offers an active performance exhaust audio feature so that the driver can customize the noise level from the exhaust.

If you are worried about still being a good neighbor while showing off the power and capability of your sporty vehicle, Ford has a workaround for you. There is a setting to limit the noise level at certain times of the day and night. Otherwise, you can enjoy the experience of accelerating and revving up your engine to your heart's content. Ford enthusiasts are excited about this option because it was previously only available on select models. It also signals that Ford is moving in the direction of providing an even more customized driving experience.

Test drive the new Ford Mustang at Lawley’s Team Ford in Silver City, NM today.

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