Technology Features That Make Up the Ford Fusion Energi

The new Ford Fusion Energi is considered the plug-in hybrid exploding in popularity these days.

Here is how your new Ford Fusion Energi is going to help keep you safe on the highway. Once in drive, the Pre-Collision Assist is using radar technology to scan the road ahead for a risk of collision. If you cannot slow in time, the brakes are going to be pre-charged so the vehicle slowly comes to a stop in time.

If you are driving on the road with your Ford Fusion Energi and you get too tired or distracted to keep the vehicle in the lane, the Lane-Keeping System will vibrate the steering wheel in increasing pulses. If the driver does not take action, steering assist is activated to get the vehicle back in the lane lines.

There are many more features packed in the new Ford Fusion Energi that you will be able to experience first-hand when you come to Lawley’s Team Ford for a test drive.

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