Look What's Inside the Ford Focus ST

The Ford Focus ST ranks in the top five of compact cars in the USA. The solid fuel economy and reasonable price both factor into people's decisions to buy a Focus. Also beneficial to owners are the interior specs, which allow for a more enjoyable ride.

Long commutes can be uncomfortable when your hands grip around a stiff steering wheel. The Ford Focus ST comes with a leather-wrapped cover on the steering wheel. Your hands will appreciate the nice touch. Leather trim also adorns the front and rear seats. The leather adds to looks and comfort.

The climate inside a vehicle also adds to the experience of driving. Who wants to be too hot or too cold? Thanks to manual climate control, the Ford Focus ST provides a comfortable ride no matter what the weather is like.

We here at Lawley’s Team Ford like the Ford Focus ST no matter the weather, season, or climate. Anyone taking a Ford Focus ST out for a test drive in Silver City may feel the same way.

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