The Pleasing Technology of the Ford Flex

The Ford Flex remains a standard choice for anyone desiring the space that a full-sized, three-row seating SUV provides. The design also comes with a variety of technological features that entertain, improve handling ability and safety. Meet the new Flex models in Silver City, NM.

Ford alleviates the stress of parallel parking thanks to their park assist technology. When activated, the system reduces the time it takes to find a spot. Once the system detects an open space, simply stop the vehicle and let the technology quickly guide you into the space.

The latest in cruise control technology continually monitors the traffic in front of the Ford Flex. If traffic slows, so does your SUV. The vehicle automatically also resumes your desired speed when traffic accelerates. Safety features also include collision warnings that monitor the distances between the front of the SUV and obstacles in the path, which warns drivers when danger is imminent. Learn more about all the possibilities at Lawley’s Team Ford.

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