Car Battery Maintenance is Easy

The process of tackling a vehicle maintenance project that involves a drained battery is simple because only a few things are needed to accomplish the objective. Once you have the equipment, you'll have opportunities to recharge a battery within two minutes after all components are secured in place.

For this project, you'll need traditional or commercial-grade jumper cables and another car that has a charged battery. In order to attached the clamps on the terminals, you'll need to align the vehicles so that the jumper cable lines will reach the ports. If someone drives the automobile with the charged battery 18 inches near the car that holds the drained battery, the process of running the cables to the terminals won't be a hassle. When the cables are clamped to the color-coded ports, let the engine run for about two minutes. Then, crank the engine that's equipped in the vehicle that has the inefficient battery.

If you want to tackle a battery maintenance project quicker, professional options are available in our service center here at Lawley’s Team Ford. Our crew uses strategic techniques and commercial-grade tools to charge batteries that power trucks and cars.

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